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Rollstuhl Sitzheizung EXTRA
Akkubetriebene Sitz- und Rückenheizung für Rollstuhlpolster EXTRA

269,00 €

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With the seat and backrest heating, you can take a trip even on cold days and enjoy cosy warmth in your wheelchair over several hours. You always have the remote control within easy reach and can set three heating levels at any time.

The battery is charged directly at the socket. It is also possible for you to connect the seat and backrest heating directly to the mains via the battery if you want to make yourself comfortable at home! 

This means perfect first class sitting as well as being perfectly safe. 

As a matter of precaution, the heating will always automatically switch itself off after an hour.

Hersteller Saljol GmbH
Kategorie / Typ Rollstuhlpolster
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